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minyette bodden

30th May, 2021


Stephen Shook

30th November, 2020

We have used William's services on several occasions; he is my "go to" guy, and is always 100% professional and considerate of our time and home. I heartily recommend his services to anyone in need of HVAC repairs.

Marilyn Coffer

16th October, 2020


Carol Nutt

29th April, 2020

We highly recommendation of Mr. William Taylor (owner of A-1 Electrical HVAC LLC) as an HVAC specialist. He did so much more than replace the old, broken HVAC (for the 3rd floor) that we originally called him about. At all times during our interactions with him, he stuck strictly to the policy he had designed to stay within CDC guidelines with regard to safety during the pandemic (mask, gloves, disinfecting tools and surfaces as well as thoroughly protecting floors during the installation phase), and carrying out the work himself and with one other assistant (whom he closely supervised) when needed. Mr. Taylor was very efficient and pleasant in answering our initial call, scheduling, and coming over to our house. We discussed several issues with him and asked him to take a look at the 3 air-handling systems in the house. He did a very professional, thorough analysis of all 3 systems and their associated electrical systems and duct work, piping and related equipment (such as overflow pans and condensate lines). He presented his findings to us including photographs and detailed descriptions of issues. One surprising finding was an old, moldy, non-functional humidifier through which all the air circulating on the lower floor had been passing. This situation had not been uncovered when the house was inspected before we bought it. Neither had it been uncovered by the company who previously serviced our HVAC's. However we had noticed a persistent musty odor that we did not know the cause of. Mr. Taylor presented a clear detailed, proposal to us in writing of the equipment and labor needed to not only replace the old, broken HVAC system for the 3rd floor with a new high efficiency system, but also ways to solve several other issues that we faced. He explained things thoroughly. His answers to our questions made a lot of sense. The proposals for each of the systems were separately and clearly delineated. He proposed removing the non-functional humidifier and sanitizing. The proposal including pulling all the necessary permits. Installation of AprilAire Whole House Air Cleaners in each of the 3 systems were included in the proposal. We choose to go ahead with all the recommendations. Mr. Taylor scheduled the work accordingly and then completed it all on schedule in about 3.25 days of hard work, only 2 of which were done with an assistant. Throughout these long days, he was very pleasant and professional and very conscious to not inconvenience us. Similarly, on the day the county inspection happened, he called with ample time to make sure it would be convenient for us. Almost immediately once the work was completed, we noticed a huge improvement in the air quality of the house. Quite measurably, my husband's chronic cough lessened on the very first day and has continued to be MUCH improved. This was a cough that had become progressively worse over the last 2 years (i.e. since we lived in this house!) and he has been to several doctors about it! In summary, we are so appreciative to have had the chance to have William Taylor's professional work on our HVAC systems and we plan to sign up for a maintenance contract with him.

Diane Matthis

07th December, 2019


Meg Thompson

30th September, 2019


Geraldine Clay

28th August, 2019

William is very professional and quite a caring respectful man. He listens to the customer's concerns and addresses any questions. He is very knowledgeable and dependable. I trust him in my home. I would highly recommend him.

Brandt Smith

02nd June, 2019



22nd May, 2019

I have been a customer of Mr. William Taylor, Sr. for many years and have always been pleased with the excellent work he has performed for me. He is very thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and timely with his responses and completion of any work he has done for me.

Deborah Christie

25th April, 2019

William Taylor is a rare HVAC and Generator service provider. HIs knowledge and work ethic are superior, not to mention his response time. He has installed the heat pump and Generac generator at our home and the heat pump and plumbing fixtures at my parents' home. He is a jewel.

Catherine Myers

15th April, 2019

A1 Electrical did a wonderful job on the electrical work for the renovation of our community kitchen. The owner, William D Taylor, listened carefully to our plans and gave us expert advice that helped us reach our goals in a cost-effective way. His knowledge and skills made for a stress-free experience as he fit his work in around the work of the other tradespeople -- and he stepped up to help community members with some DIY tasks that proved more challenging than expected. We're hoping to work with him again on future projects.

Carolyn Scott

11th March, 2019

Extremely knowledgable! We loved working with William. He came out and did a thorough inspection of our heating system after we suspected a carbon monoxide leak (there wasn't one, thank goodness!). But he walked us through the process and taught us a lot about our HVAC system and how it works, and was extremely throughout and patient. We will definitely be hiring him again in the future.

Jason Turner

03rd March, 2019

Prompt help for our heating issue. Wish I'd called A1 first rather than the HVAC company that referred us to an electrician. The fact that they can do it all seems to encourage them to have a more holistic picture of my home systems and I have more trust in their ability to proactively flag potential issues.

Patricia Springs

03rd January, 2019


Lesley-Ann Lockhart

29th December, 2018

William and his son are excellent. Great work two times in a row for us now. I will definitely continue to utilize and recommend this company.

Mary Jones

11th December, 2018


Sydney Cowart

28th November, 2018


delmi rodriguez

05th November, 2018

(Translated by Google) Very satisfied (Original) Muy satisfecho

Chris Rossi

22nd May, 2018


John Hanselman

09th March, 2018

William Taylor is a certified Electrician, Certified Plumber, and Certified HVAC. Besides those epic certifications he is a great person and very reliable. He is a total winner that I wish I could keep to myself. You are blessed to have him solve one of your problems.

Just Joyce

18th February, 2018


Joyce Scarborough

18th February, 2018


Martie Stevens

06th February, 2018


R Volponi

04th November, 2017

William is a master at his craft. He is able to explain what is wrong in understandable terms and give affordable options for repair/fixing. He responds quickly and does a thorough job with whatever is needed. I highly recommend his business!

Takisha Chappell

09th September, 2017

I highly recommend this business! William is very professional. I needed a new AC unit to be installed and went with this business because of the knowledge and experience this company has. They show up on time and the work that they do is very neat. I love my new AC and haven't had any problems with it! You will be very pleased with their work. I will never call anyone else to work on my AC other than William D Taylor HVAC.


09th September, 2017

I highly recommend this business! William is very professional. I needed a new AC unit to be installed and went with this business because of the knowledge and experience this company has. They show up on time and the work that they do is very neat. I love my new AC and haven't had any problems with it! You will be very pleased with their work. I will never call anyone else to work on my AC other than William D Taylor HVAC.

Ahmond Reid

05th September, 2017


Clara Davis

15th July, 2017


Cheykeim Anderson

14th June, 2017

All around great experience.

Starla Borror

27th August, 2016

In the past 3-4 years I have called Mr. Taylor so many times and for so many different issues that I'm sure he probably cringes when he sees my name come up! He has fixed leaky toilets, put in a new kitchen faucet, rescued me from a faulty, screeching smoke detector, not to mention the many times I've called him to come out to keep our HVAC in top condition. Mr. Taylor is always very responsive and professional. He takes the time to explain to me (and my nosy children - who think he's great!) exactly what needs to be done and why, and his work is top notch. I can highly recommend his company for any plumbing, electrical and HVAC needs you might have.

Laura Edwards

04th November, 2015

We couldn't ask for more professional or friendly service than the HVAC service we get from William Taylor. He is always very responsive, punctual, and thorough. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others!

Liza Hoos

16th September, 2015

William is so friendly and took the time to really explain to me all that he was doing. Very glad I found him and I will continue to use his services in the years to come!

Makeba Hedgepeth

26th July, 2015

There are a lot of HVAC companies to choose from in this day and age. Many of them are knowledgeable and quite capable of any repair problems you may have concerning your air/ heat. In my humble opinion what separates William Taylor, from his competitors, is his customer service. William took the time to thoroughly explain what was going on with my system. Then he went over the options that i could choose from in order to come to a resolution that wouldn't later leave me in a corner trying to figure out how i was going to come up with thousands of dollars that i quite frankly didn't have. His intentions weren't to squeeze every dime he could out of me but exactly the opposite, help me save every dime i could. William helped me get every ounce i could out of my old system and through the end of 2014's brutal summer. Then when i was in a better financial state William helped me choose a suitable replacement so that 2015 and the summers' heat that inevitably came along with it has not been a problem for my family and I. I recommend that you try William D Taylor's HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Refrigeration Services!

Shennia K

25th July, 2015

We received excellent, dependable, professional service from William D. Taylor, HVAC, Electrical,Plumbing, & Refrigeration Services. We were so thankful they were able to install our new AC during the summer heat wave!