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Kelly Hofeling

09th April, 2019

Everything was done professionally. They checked multiple times to make sure I was satisfied with the progress and to see if there was anything else I needed/wanted done. I am very pleased with what they offer and the price!

Teresa Franks

23rd February, 2019

Friendly, prompt, attention to detail. I can tell Brent has a passion for the industry and his work reflects that passion. His employees work hard and have made me a lifelong customer for as long as I live here in Cedar City.

John & Cindy Shrum

09th January, 2019

Brett and his workers are reliable and do a great job.

Douglas Schmidt

09th January, 2019

We have using Cedar Lawncare for the past two years for our home in Cedar City. As part time residents I trust him to watch over the yard. He keeps me informed over the condition of the lawn and any other items that might need attention. As a former grounds crew leader for large park district in California I can get pretty picky about how the lawn looks, I am not disappointed. I would recommend his services.


22nd March, 2018

Shows up on time. Great attention to detail. I would definitely recommend using them!

Heather Allen

21st March, 2018

Great company and owners!

Lawn Thumb

10th March, 2018

Cedar lawn care is ran my Brent who is passionate about providing quality work. I’ve never encountered a man with more drive to succeed. When I get a customer call me in that area we refer them to Cedar Lawn Care.

Brandon Swihart

10th March, 2018


Eric Czernich

10th March, 2018

An absolutely top notch landscaping company! From the initial meeting, Brent was timely, professional and explained everything in detail. He gave me peace of mind that everything would be done properly....and it was! Cedar Lawn now takes full care of my landscape from mowing, fertilizer, irrigation and other projects. No need to use anyone else. Thank you Brent and Cedar Lawn!

Steven Kaiser

09th March, 2018

Cedar Lawn Care has been maintaining my lawn for the last couple years, and I couldn't be happier. I only wish I would have switched to them a long time ago. I get notified if they can't come due to rain, I am not forced to accept a long list of things done that I don't want done, and they are genuinely nice guys. I feel safe with them. With my old company I never knew what shady character would be showing up on my property. That's not a comforting feeling. I recommend them in a heartbeat!

James Witherspoon

09th March, 2018

Great service! You won't be disappointed.

Chad Banks

26th September, 2017

Quality work and dependable. Definitely worth the price!

Ryan Hughes

02nd May, 2017

I just called and asked if they could do some weed removal in my backyard and then mow and maintain my front yard over the summer and I was told, "that's not a job we would be interested in." Isn't this a yard maintenance company? What are you interested in? Interesting business strategy. I'll find someone who isn't lazy

Kyle Stapley

22nd December, 2016

Brent with Cedar Lawn Care is fabulous! He does such fantastic work and has the best tools to make any yard look fantastic! I know a thing or two about lawn care equipment, and Cedar Lawn Care only uses top of the line equipment! He uses STIHL string trimmers and edgers, powerful enough to give the cleanest cut the first time, he has STIHL blowers, and STIHL hedgers. And for on the grass cutting equipment he uses eXmark and Walker mowers! Let me tell you, there is nothing else out there that even compares to the quality of the cut on the mowers that Cedar Lawn Care uses. If you are looking for someone to take care of your lawn, look no further! Cedar Lawn Care will exceed your expectations, and will have your yard looking like it could be in the parade of homes! Give Cedar Lawn Care a call today!

K Click

18th April, 2016

Hi there, I think Cedar Lawn Care does an excellent job and they are very easy to work with. A and would recommend. Thanks

Brent Banks

27th September, 2015

Quality, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly.

Nichelle Stephens

01st October, 2014

I'm renting and we've let the lawn get out of control. Cedar Lawn Care came out to give us a quote and they were able to fix in less than 2 hours what we had let go for the past year. Incredible, friendly service and at an AMAZING price. I highly recommend them for all your lawn care needs in Cedar City!

Bill Doolen

21st September, 2014

Last winter my mother-in-law past away leaving a house in Cedar City for my wife and I to sell. That meant selling a house from long distance, we live in Colorado. As spring approached the lawn began to look poor and needed care. I found Brent on the internet and hired him to care for the yard. He was fantastic. He always responded promptly, took care of what we needed quickly and honestly, and his prices were reasonable. We sold the house several months later. When we went to Cedar City to finalize the sale the yard looked fantastic. We were very pleased with his work. I highly recommend Brent to anyone who needs a very honest guy to care for their yards. Bill Doolen Woodland Park, CO

Alan Payne

08th August, 2014

Cedar Lawn Care gives quality, professional service at an affordable price. They do a great job in very little time (they drive up and get right to work and get on their way as soon as they're done). They will even go out of their way to help you out. Great service.

cloud white

12th February, 2014

Brent has gone out of his way to listen to my concerns and provide a high quality of service for me. He shows up on time and has kept my lawn looking good. They send me a bill each month unlike my previous provider who insisted I left a check hidden for them each week. I don't have to bug him and he shows up as expected. Thank you for your great service!

brooke gundersen

22nd January, 2014

We hired Cedar Lawn Care last summer for lawn care at our rental house. They did a great job! We don't live in Cedar City but every time we visited the rental house the yard looked Great! We have nothing but nice things to say about them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jonathan Dupree

15th January, 2014

He came every week and mowed. The lawn looks great. The edges are nice and clean looking. I will gladly work with him in the future.

Jesseca Kimball

13th January, 2014

Cedar Lawn Care came in last Spring for us because we weren't happy with our previous lawn care provider. They were easy to work with, affordable, and on time. If we still lived in Cedar City we would still be using them for all of our lawn care needs. Thank you for the good service you provided.

Jerri Banks

12th January, 2014

I have been very impressed with how Cedar Lawn Care is run in a very professional manner. They are prompt and thorough, and can be depended upon to do the promised job at the promised time and in the promised way.

Susan Kumpe

04th October, 2013

They have a great service and very dependable. I will be using their services again next year. Thanks for the great work.

Bret Hicken

13th March, 2013

Cedar Lawn Care is professional in every way. I'm very happy with the service.

Larisa Banks

17th February, 2013

Funny story...we had family coming over on a Sunday and didn't have time Saturday to get the yard edged. We don't feel we should have people working on Sunday and Cedar Lawn Care was already busy Saturday in the day. But Brent at Cedar Lawn Care came out Saturday night and did the weed eating and edged my property with a head lamp on. He even does a good job in the dark believe it or not! He really showed me that he was willing to go above and beyond to make his customers happy.