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Levi Dyer

18th February, 2020

Daniel is the best in the business, he is the brain surgeon of drywall repair. He will treat you with the upmost respect, and has some of the highest standards for his business practices. You won’t regret giving him a call, he can knock out any drywall repair you need whether it be big or small.

Trade And Get Paid

16th February, 2020

Daniel did work in our church foyer and did a fantastic job. Highly professional with detailed excellence. First class.

Millie Canganelli

12th February, 2020

I would give this company 10 stars if I could!! Our hot water heater had a major leak causing water damage to our laundry room leaking into an area of our garage. We had to pull up baseboard and drywall had to be cut out and replaced. We also needed a new hot water heater installed up to code standards. After looking at company reviews online, I called Just Trim Florida and spoke with Daniel Osborne. I could tell when I was talking with Daniel that he was knowledgeable and honest. He guided us through this mess recommending a drying company (which was top notch), a master plumber (who did a phenomenal job), and sending Jeremy Mills out for the restoration of the drywall and trim repairs. Jeremy just finished the final touches yesterday, and the results are AMAZING! The restoration of the drywall repairs and trim molding look better than what was originally there! The communication the entire time was excellent, everyone was timely, respectful and left no messes behind. A special thank-you to Daniel and Jeremy for easing the burden of this stressful situation. I believe this is a company that cares about their customers and will help them in any way they can. We are so grateful for their service and cannot say enough good things. We would call them for any future needs.

Brian Gillie

11th January, 2020

Performs with a high standard of excellence, ethics and attention to detail. Kept me up to date with progress with photos and comments. Always responding to requests and always on time. Went the extra mile to help make this experience smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Daniel and DDR Drywall repair.

Jennifer Carroll

13th November, 2019

This company's middle name should be "Honest." I've never dealt with a company that was as straight forward and level with their customers. Daniel, the owner, provided me with sage information to help me make the decision that was best for me and my wallet. I appreciate his straight forwardness, his knowledge and his willingness to let me make the choice I wanted with no pressure. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an honest, and knowledgeable professional to do their drywall repairs.

JoAnn Leisten

26th September, 2019

I want to praise God for Daniel. Daniel is a true Angel sent from God himself. Daniel made a great sacrifice for my children and myself when he not only helped to move a camper from Bushnell to Florida Highlands, he helped to replace the blown tires, he also helped cut trees back to make sure the camper could be placed on our property. Daniel didn't know us, but still gave his all to help us. Only God makes good, honest, hard working men like Daniel. And from experience, men who are like that are the kind of men you want when you need someone to get the job done. I can't say enough for Daniel except that I was truly blessed for God to put such a man in my path.

Richard K

03rd September, 2019

If you want fast service, great communication, and excellent work..... Look no further. Thanks Daniel!

Jill Sage

03rd September, 2019

Great company! Great Experience! Daniel, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable, extremely informative, and extremely professional. From start to finish, I was WOW-ed by his handling of my situation. I have dealt and worked with many service providers in the last 50 years, and DRR drywall is indeed first class! Totally impressed. Highly recommend.

Jeremy Mills

24th August, 2019

One word: INTEGRITY. DRR is simply the par level for which companies should measure against. The professionalism, attention to detail, foresight, follow through, and follow-up processes that are in place consistently show us how a business should be run. On top of that, the product is unmatched in the industry. As a fellow tradesman with 25yrs in construction, I can humbly say DRR Drywall Repair has a skillset that less than 1% have fully mastered. When you need perfection there’s just no other company that comes to mind.

Betty Meuse

23rd August, 2019

I called DRR to come for an estimate to replace my ceiling in my laundry room and bathroom. He was on time when he gave me a time. I thought it was going to cost me to remove the damaged ceilings. He could of lied and said it needed to be done but instead he told me what to get to prime and paint the ceilings so he saved me a lot of money. He was very friendly. Also very informative. Anyone that needs a drywall guy I recommend DRR to do the job. Very honest. Thank you Daniel. Betty Meuse

Chris Deigl

09th July, 2019

Consummate professionals who seemingly love what they do. With DRR you do get what you pay for and they are explicit about what that will be. They are communication experts and have numerous ways to keep you informed. Their concern for and control of dust was an added bonus.

Dawn Cary

04th June, 2019

If you want it done right, DRR Drywall is your contractor. Worth every cent. You can’t find anyone better!

Donald Currie

08th May, 2019

Their quality is above and beyond! It’s not just drywall for DRR Drywall Repair. It is art! When it was finished you could not even see there had been a hole.

Bill Konnerth

28th March, 2019

We were looking for someone to repair our ceiling after a hurricane. We found Daniel. Having worked with the public for 43 years it’s refreshing to meet a True Professional. I can’t say enough about the guality of his work. We had approximately 4x4 hole that he repaired and there is no way anyone could tell. If you want your job done right then do yourself a favor call Daniel. You won’t be sorry .

Helen Vanston

04th January, 2019

Daniel did a marvelous job on our Lanai ceiling replacement. As others have said, he isn't cheap, but he's worth every penny!

Daniel Haan

17th December, 2018

Had to argue with him the whole time to get work done we agreed on. Always trying to get more money for work he already promised. The job was taking longer than he expected and left my job to take care of other work. Took two weeks to do a four day job.

Daniel Autrey

26th October, 2018


Neal Purlee

22nd September, 2018

When DRR Drywall repair says they are the brain surgeons of drywall its the truth. I have never seen anyone put in more attention to all the details then Daniel. The repair looked great and the area was clean when the job was complete. I would recommend any one needing a drywall repair to use Daniel with DRR Drywall.


07th September, 2018

Daniel Osborne did an outstanding job. It was very technical because he had to take it all the way to the studs due to water damage. He basically build it up from the wood adding sheetrock and finishing it out with edging and texture. The finish product was perfect you could not tell that work had been done. It blended in perfectly with the original walls. You have to pay for quality and Daniel is definitely a craftsman and worth the extra money. I would highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.

O Daniel

24th August, 2018

He did an Awesome job fixing my garage wall that was cut up for electrical work. It looks like the wall was never even cut.

Cynthia DeSimone

07th August, 2018

As a professional business network partner in our community. I would highly recommend DRR Drywall Repair for their integrity, quality of work and reliable. They are always going to be who I refer to get the job done right.

Paul Mathewson

03rd August, 2018

I accidently knocked a large hole in my kitchen wall. I called DRR Drywall and they came out within 2 hours to give me an estimate which I accepted. They were back the next day and replaced a 2' X 3' section of my wall; if I did not know where the damage was I would not be able to find it. The repair is flawless right down to matching the surrounding texture on the wall. They were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and clean. They even erected a tent of plastic sheeting around their work area to minimize the dust and did a very good job of cleaning up afterward. This is definitely the company to call for drywall work.

Great Expectations Realty

12th May, 2018

Very knowledgeable and does a great job on anything drywall.

Amanda Miller

19th March, 2018

Daniel and his team are true professionals. You might be able to find someone cheaper, and I wish you all of the best of luck with that. But if you TRULY want the job done right, at a fair price, do not hesitate to contact DRR Drywall. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Bruce H

03rd March, 2018

You can find someone who will do the job for a lot less money and much faster BUT you will regret your decision. Daniel is the BEST. High quality work and great attention to detail and cleanliness. Very satisfied with his work and expertise. Thank you!!

leah long

23rd January, 2018

Daniel Osborne, owner of DRR, repaired and replaced part of our popcorn ceiling. Dan was very professional, thorough, honest, and easy to work with. He may not be the cheapest, but his work is definitely worth the money that we paid him. He gave us an estimate, told us what the repair would entail, how long it would take, and when he could get the job done. He came on schedule and completed the job in the time frame that he told us. The large crack in our ceiling is gone and looks like it was never there. He draped the area with plastic and when he was done, everything was as clean, or cleaner, than before. We definitely will call him again when we need more drywall repair or replacement.

kevin sharpe

10th December, 2017

ThIs is a first class operation. I was so pleased with the level of professionalism from being early as well as preparation and cleanup. The entire process was nothing short of artistic which for me was refreshing. So many businesses just want the money and do sloppy work; Daniel however is patient methodical and thorough. I could not be happier.

pablo gomez

04th November, 2017

One of the wall in my family room was damaged and a whole made by the door knob in the master room my wife start looking on the internet about drywall repair and find DRR Drywall Repair the owner came to the house and work on both walls everything very clean he did an excellent job on the walls if I have an order problem with any wall in my house or a friend of mine or who need a drywall repair he ie the best. Thanks DRR Drywall Repair.

dawn roccanti

10th October, 2017

Daniel was professional and my new wall looks great.

Michelle Newsome

07th October, 2017

DRR did an excellent job!! We had a leak in the corner of our living room, and he repaired the wall and ceiling. He also took down a small half wall which was a last minute thing we asked him to do! He completed all of it within a day, and it looks great! He took great care preparing the work area and also cleaning up when he was done. He was kind and courteous, showed up on time, and did a fabulous job! Highly recommend!


29th August, 2017

Quality work and very professional! Thanks Daniel!

Gary and Karen Wiginton

24th February, 2017

We recently purchased a 35 year old home and unfortunately a worker stepped through the ceiling while insulating the attic. We had a hole about 1'X3' in the middle of our living room ceiling. I called DRR Drywall and left a message explaining our situation. Very quickly I got a call back from them, I sent a few pictures by text and shortly thereafter received a quote by email. So first of all, very good and responsive customer service. I scheduled the repair appt. with Daniel Osborne. I received a confirmation of the day and time by email. Daniel showed up promptly, spent a great deal of time and care preparing the work area with tarps, dropcloths and a plastic barrier around the repair site. Daniel was professional, kind, caring and did an excellent job. The texture of the ceiling was not an easy one to match, but he did it perfectly, not to mention the care required in working with 35 year old plaster around the repair area. After the repair was completed he thoroughly cleaned up afterwards, even spraying down the sidewalk to the front door (above and beyond I would say). And, secondly I must commend DRR Drywall for excellence in workmanship, knowledge, artistry, and work ethic. What more can I say, except if you're in need of drywall work look no further.

Chris Teel

05th January, 2017


Thomas Muller

03rd August, 2016

DRR showed up to a one of our clients house like a hero in a white truck, all he was missing was the hat. He repaired the 2 holes quickly , like it never happened when he was scheduled. We at Volthom Electric Inc, could not be happier with his great ,efficient service and the quality was unparalleled. Thank you Daniel!

Jesse Wade

29th July, 2016

Daniel was very professional, quick and thorough with his communication, and excelled at his work. He received praise from even a very hard to please customer with an extremely critical eye, which speaks volumes for his craftsmanship. The saying is always true that you get what you pay for, but especially so with drywall repair and retexturing, and that being the case Daniel with DRR is always worth every penny!

Crystal Kornblau

09th July, 2016

Daniel is very crafted in dry wall repair and very professional . Got my ceiling fixed quickly, and he is very neat and tidy working inside your home. I highly recommend!

Heather vann

11th June, 2016

Efficient,thorough work. Finished on time and did a fabulous job. I would definitely use them again.


31st May, 2016

We needed some popcorn ceiling repaired. DRR Drywall repair was not the lowest bid we received - BUT we are so glad we used their services. An excellent job from the bid to clean up and gone. You would never know our ceiling was touched since new! This was not a normal repair. Original drywall when installed left a large void where the two pieces of drywall met. It was covered and sprayed with popcorn. As a result over time a crack appeared and nails started working their way out through the interior surface. The repair is absolutely perfect and matched the old color as well. Use this company - you won't be disappointed!!

Carl Jones

09th May, 2016

I found myself in a tough spot, needing a complete (and surprise) rebuilding of a firewall in order to complete the sale of my mom's villa. DRR was helpful, professional, timely and skilled from the word go. I give Daniel and his team my highest recommendation!

Corey Bowden

09th March, 2016

Daniel at DRR does great work repairing knockdown ceiling texture. Once it was painted you can barely even see where the old and new transition together. Even when knowing where the repair was located. Not much more you can ask for. A bit pricey but you wont find better quality.

Shirley Baker

10th February, 2016

He is very professional, very good work.

Adam Lemming

04th November, 2015

Where others would cut corners and overcharge, DRR went above and beyond! DRR placed the lowest bid, could start the earliest, and adjusted as needed when complications came up. This particular job was over 700 sq ft of drywall installed on the ceiling, completed by 1 person in less than 4 days. Once the job was started, extra supports were needed to support the drywall properly. Instead of cutting corners and leaving the new ceiling without the extra support it needed, Daniel did the right thing without adding any extra time or money to the original quote. DRR completed the job quickly, professionally, and with quality second to none. Make sure you call DRR Drywall Repair before you choose any other company out there for your Drywall needs!

Fender Bender235

29th August, 2015

Fantastic quality and very accountable service. I would highly recommend DRR and Daniel if you need a high quality finished product. My project was a remodeling down to the studs job. He exceeded my expectations in a trustworthy manner.

Carey David

25th August, 2015

Now you see it now you don't. It's not Magic it's the way DRR Drywall Repair does business along with keeping you in the loop every step of the way. No surprises and craftsmanship second to none. Drywall can be tricky. If you've ever tried to do it yourself you know what I mean. If you've done it yourself and your results were less than you hoped for call DRR. They can fix that too!

Casey Heathman

18th August, 2015

As the franchise Owner of Bark Busters Home Dog Training in The Villages referring business to my clients is something I take very seriously. The dogs I see have already chewed holes in the walls and I know my clients want the best repairs and service. Daniel and DRR is an easy fit for me. I have never seen a tradesmen work so hard at his craft nor his communication. Thank you Daniel for being a pro.

Desire Cardenas

29th July, 2015

DRR Drywall Repair does exceptional work. They are very organized from start to finish. Daniel Osborn is very reliable and maintains a very professional attitude throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him.

Amy Campbell

24th July, 2015

If you have drywall damage, DRR is the company to call! The owner is highly skilled, and his competence is only outweighed by his integrity.

Tamara Poff

22nd July, 2015

A true professional among the trades.

Sarah Cantrell

03rd July, 2015

Daniel is very professional, clean work area (your house) and does an amazing job. Hands down if you need it done and it pertains to drywall he is the man to call.

Keszia Hale

03rd July, 2015

Very clean and professional drywall company. The patches on my ceiling and wall are seamless. Price was fair and service was complete within a few days of my initial contact with the company.

Russ Walker

24th June, 2015

Highly professional organization. Their work is beyond your expectations. DRR Drywall Repair will not only fix your problem, they will fully explain the what, why and where about the work they do for you.

Vic Rotz

22nd June, 2015

Exceptional Work-A true Craftsman in his Trade

James Campbell

22nd June, 2015

I never have to worry if I use DRR on a job or refer him to one of my customers. His professionalism and quality of work always exceeds expectations. Jimmy Campbell Energy Grid Insulation

Julian Green

21st June, 2015

If you want a professional who cares about detail and customer service then give Daniel Osborne a call from DRR Drywall Repair the right person for the right job.

Roberta Bonfiglio

31st May, 2015

Be careful folks. I have a signed contract by the owner Daniel Osborne. My job had to be done is stages due to other renovations being done in my home. He was fully aware of this. I am now ready for the completion of the job. I sent a text to him today and received the following response: "Due to existing project obligations ,DRR will not be able to facilitate your project needs moving forward. Thank you for your consideration,and we wish you the best in your endeavors!" I sent a second text asking about the signed contract. His second response was "DRR is unable to perform the services requested." DRR does a good work but he is NOT DEPENDABLE. DO NOT HIRE

Daniel Osborne

20th February, 2015

Growing a business from scratch, it is an honor to serve the drywall repair needs of the North-Florida corridor!