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zane wyll

18th April, 2022

Matt and Kayla were amazing crew was friendly and the work they did was spot on to the vision we communicated.

Chris Hightower

18th April, 2022

I have seen some sub par work in my life but no 7 development takes the cake. The quality of work is dumbfounding and I would be embarrassed to walk away from it and charging someone for the absolute garbage I have seen done by Matt. The pictures on the website have to be from a different company cause the work he performed is a fraction of that quality. Steer clear of this outfit unless you enjoy throwing your money down the drain which is gonna be installed incorrectly. 8th grade wood shop students have more skills than this clown.

Wesley C

06th November, 2021

I contacted Matt in March 2021 about seeing if he was interested in constructing a deck off a 2nd floor ADU. He came and evaluated the job a couple days later (on a Saturday) and said that not only he could do it, but that it could be done in about 2 days and he could start the very next Saturday. We also agreed that because this was a small project it could be done between his other major jobs and might take a week or two to complete. I was skeptical and expected the typical "something came up, have to postpone/cancel" call, but he showed up bright and early on the following Saturday to start work just as promised. We discussed some modifications which improved the aesthetics of the deck and he got down to business. Two weeks later on a Saturday he showed up again bright and early, completed the deck and it has exceeded my expectations. I watched the entire process and asked many a question, and he had a thoughtful and professional answer for every one. I have carpenters and architects in my family so I probably know just enough to know what is quality work and what is not. Matt really builds beautiful and durable stuff. The planning dept inspector asked a few clarification questions and was very pleased with the structural integrity and how it was built. I have another project in the pipeline and I hope that I can recruit Matt to do that one for me.

Austin Leslie

08th July, 2021


Julie Rae Greene

06th January, 2021

Matt and his Crew at No. 7 Development were in a word "Awesome." They took two unsightly rooms and turned them into the most beautiful Spa-like bathroom with oversized tiled shower and towel dry-off area! Absolutely gorgeous, exactly what I dreamed of!! JR Greene/Arlington

Karen Desko

06th January, 2021

After living on Samish Island for almost 3 years, I have struggled to find good help with home projects. On Saturday, I got a leak in my garage from a nearby bathroom, so as I was working to find someone to fix that problem, I also contacted some contractors to do a much planned remodel of that bathroom since we had the leak anyway. Matt came out ON A SUNDAY to check out the potential remodel project and came back the next day on MONDAY NIGHT to stop the leak, he did this BEFORE any of the plumbers I had called even responded to me!! He was professional, compassionate, sincere and outstanding in this work ethic and attention to detail. I have cancelled all my other meetings with contractors for the bathroom remodel and am working with Matt exclusively. Call Matt, he's terrific and he really cares.

Kristina Hastie

09th July, 2020


piper loves life

09th July, 2020


John Carey

06th January, 2020

Matt from No 7 Development is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

RE Basom

05th January, 2020

Matt and crew were amazing during our home remodeling...always attentive, sharing great ideas, with excellent planning and execution. They worked long hours to complete each phase/task and negotiated the complexity of permitting on the Island. As we plan each new phase of our remodeling adventure, Matt continues to be involved...even when we get into our DIY projects. His ideas and guidance are invaluable. We strongly recommend No 7 Development for any construction project!

Gregory Pinneo

13th December, 2019

I have had the privilege of having remodeling work done by Number 7 Development. Matt and his crew are awesome. Not only did they do great work, on time and on budget, they handled most of the design work as well. Matt and his crew were professional from start to finish. I have had occasion to hire many contractors in my four decades of business, and Number 7 Development stands out at the top of the list of all General Contractors I have worked with. Pride, honesty, and integrity seem to be just marketing words by most, but Matt and his team are proof these values are still alive and well. Most Sincerely, Greg Pinneo Real Estate Entrepreneur

Lori Frank

12th December, 2019

I hired Matt to finish a basement for me. He did all of it from start to finish. The attention to detail was excellent. He has years of experience in the trade so he was able to provide insight to improve upon my vision of what I wanted. This not only allowed for the rooms to be more functional but added more resale value in the end. I highly recommend Matt and his team for any of your building projects!

Michael Chan

06th November, 2019

I hired Matt and his team to help frame my new dream home. When my foundation crew skipped town and left me in a bind, Matt jumped in and saved the day. In an area where construction seems more like the wild west where there is no quality control or repercussions for people who have no business in construction, Matt is a rare find. He is trustworthy, honest, and hard-working, qualities that are definitely hard to come by in construction in Seattle these days. If you are in need of work to be done, I would not hesitate to call Matt and his crew.

Ryan Koontz

06th November, 2019

No. 7 Development is a first class company. Matt is a solid guy that sticks to his word. We had Matt and his crew do a build out in our office location and he got done earlier than planned and on budget. Two things that rarely happen these days. Their work is top of the line and I was really impressed with the final product. I would recommend No. 7 Development to anybody looking for a great builder.