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I Jm

15th November, 2021

Horrible company do not recommend, bunch of over grown children working for them . 0-10

Feras El-Kanouni

11th June, 2021

Poor customer service and not professional company. I requested a quote from them for a flagstone patio and their CEO/owner of the company emailed simply saying they do not service my area. I live exactly 7 minutes away from their location in Centreville. I emailed him back asking what's the reason you don't service 'my area' despite the fact their website clearly mention they service Centreville, VA, but he never responded nor provided clarification. It's plain simple that this company is condescending, disrespectful and not professional. I'm shocked of their 5 stars review they have on social media with this kind of treatment to potential customers. They have reviews o their website from customers who live in my area and even Clifton, VA which further than Centreville. It's a shame if you're a business owner and this is how you treat customers without giving any clarification on why you're refusing to service them in the first place. Never had anything like this happened to me before. Business would at least apologize that they're busy now and not accepting other project, but will always tell you to check with them later when things slow down to see if they assist, but this one is absolutely conceding and disrespectful.

Shawn J

16th March, 2021

Called them for a drain quote. They said someone would come out in a few days...no specific time. I could sense the guy on the phone wasn’t interested. Sure enough no one ever showed and never heard from them again.

Pamela Jones

23rd February, 2020

Prosperity Lawn has been maintaining our yard at least for 10years, perhaps longer. David Anderson and his staff are honest, kind, hardworking, knowledgeable and professional. The company has fabulous communication so we know what services are offered, what we have contracted for and when it will occur. No job is too small and the company is willing to discuss and accommodate my needs. For example, we had purchased mulch through a school fundraiser but had difficulty getting it spread in our beds. Despite not purchasing it from them, Prosperity lawn was willing to do the work for us.

William Pulsipher Jr

17th November, 2019

Top notch lawn & landscape services. I have used thier services for the past 3 years and couldn't be happier.

Joseph Murphy

15th November, 2019

Prosperity Lawn and Landscape does superb work at a fair price. After being a client for 15 years, I highly recommend them!

C Baquiran

22nd October, 2019

We have Prosperity mow our lawn once a week. It's a nice convenience to have when our work schedules are busy and there's little time for garden work. They keep the yard looking tidy and we appreciate the extra hand!

Etie O

05th August, 2019

Our property looks wonderful! Thanks to the hard working team at Prosperity Lawn and Landscape we’ve gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. And, everyone at Prosperity have been professional, courteous, and responsive regarding all of our requests and inquiries. They always do a great job, and we are very satisfied customers.

Michele Mosier

03rd July, 2019

Mike and David are professional, creative in their landscape design approach, and responsive in making changes or corrections when called upon. We have invested in a lawn treatment program with them and look forward to seeing positive results this fall and beyond.

T N Hernandez

26th June, 2019

Wonderful job done by the team! Getting my house ready for market and they got the landscape pruned, cleared and sculpted in less than two days time. Have a 1/3 acre lot and it looks amazing now.

T Hatch

26th June, 2019

Wonderful job done by the team! Getting my house ready for market and they got the landscape pruned, cleared and sculpted in less than two days time. Have a 1/3 acre lot and it looks amazing now.

Jose Morales

15th June, 2019

These guys are absolutely great. Excellent customer service, great response times, very flexible with their work and honest from start to finish. You might have an idea for a project and they'll let you know what the pro's and con's would be of taking that path and provide alternatives, if needed, based on their experience. They don't try to oversell you on anything. They've been there with me from day one simply trying to address the needs. I've rarely taken the time to write a Google review. Highly recommended.

Joan Sherer

16th May, 2019

I have been using Prosperity Lawn & Landscape for about seven years. They have always done an outstanding job maintaining my lawn. In addition to mowing and trimming my lawn every week they have an excellent fertilization program to keep my lawn looking green and healthy. I also have them do my spring and fall cleanups. They don't stop until every leaf is removed, usually the beginning of December. You can't go wrong with Prosperity Lawn & Landscape.

Kathleen Tutem

16th May, 2019

I contacted Prosperity Lawn & Landscape to give me an estimate to do a major overhaul of the landscaping surrounding our home. It was time to surrender to the weeds and remove all of our flower beds after 30+ years. Mike Cappello walked the property with me and listened to my wish list. He could visualize what I wanted, but he was also conservative about the magnitude of the project and costs which I greatly appreciated. We discussed an area that held water and had a problem draining properly. Mike had a solution for this problem too. Prosperity handled all of the design and planning details in a timely manner. Mike assigned Santos and his Prosperity crew to tackle the project. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and work ethic. Santos’ crew worked 3 full days, 10 to 12 hours each day, removing by hand all of the overgrown shrubs, ground cover, and weeds, including 2 fully grown American holly trees and dug out the stumps by hand. Santos and his crew built a French drain to solve the water problem in my yard. It was so professionally done that once completed you can’t see where they built the trenches and it functions perfectly. Where there were garden beds, there is now sod. Santos’ eye for design was excellent and he created small mulched beds for the specimen trees and walking paths with my existing stepping stones. We are so happy and pleased with the results and will gladly continue to have Prosperity maintain our manicured and professionally designed property. We highly recommend Prosperity for lawn and landscaping needs. Kathy T., Centreville, VA