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  • Deborah Pankuch
    13th February, 2018
    We have been using 1st Choice Plumbing for a number of years now. Dan has always provided us with prompt, dependable professional service and reasonable prices. We are very satisfied with his services and have recommended him to a number of friends and neighbors. We will continue to use Dan to service all of our home's plumbing needs.
  • Holly Darus
    01st November, 2018
    I have hired Dan twice for four different plumbing jobs at my house: install a new sink, snake drain, update kitchen piping and basement plumbing to outside, and install water pressure valve and hot water tank bladder. Dan arrived on time, with all parts needed to do the jobs, answered any and all questions I had, checked all work for function and leaks, and cleaned up everything. The prices were great and he said that if I had any problems to call him and he would fix them. Before starting the job with the basement plumbing, he checked with me regarding moving the discharge pipe, making sure that I was fine with blocking a glass block window. I assured him that I had no problem with that as I wasn't going to "use" the window. Dan is a very personable man and meticulous plumber and I would recommend him to anyone I know. If he performs more than one job, he gives a 20% discount on the second job, saving quite a bit of money (in my case, anyhow). Good help is hard to find and I am very glad I found Dan. He came highly recommended from a friend of mine (prior customer) and I can see why.
  • Mike Mayfield
    21st April, 2016
    I had a clogged drain and originally went with roto rooter. They told me it would cost $2500 to fix it because they would have to dog 3 feet into my basement floor! I decided on a second opinion and went with 1st Choice plumbing. Dan came out and within an hour my sink was fixed and for cheap! I'll be recommending this company to anyone I know with plumbing issues from now on!
  • Mark Mazzocco
    27th February, 2020
    My experience with this company was outstanding!! Dan was very professional and thoroughly explained everything. His pricing is fair, and a friendly demeanor was an added plus. Highly recommended!!!
  • Susan N
    27th December, 2014
    Dan completed multiple repairs at our home. Most were typical minor plumbing repairs but one was a large, unusual sewer repair. He completed all of the jobs quickly, competently, and at a fair price. He is very friendly, easy to talk to, and answered all of our questions. Our sewer repair required additional expertise and Dan knew exactly who to contact, arranged everything, worked with and supervised the entire process. We are very pleased with all the work he completed and will definitely call on him in the future.
  • Michael Blackburn
    10th March, 2015
    Based on the online reviews I decided to call 1st Choice to see if someone could check our basement drain. We've had problems with it in the past and I decided I wanted to find someone local to fix it. When I explained the situation to Dan my expectation was that someone would come to the house, clean out the drain and I would write a check for $$$. I was amazed at Dan's response. Because I live in Parma, he suggested I call the Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineer. They would come out and fix the problem at no charge. The work is covered by the taxes I pay. Reluctantly, I said I would call to see what they could do. What happened next is almost beyond belief! I called the county at 9:20am. The dispatcher told me she could have a crew out to the house by 4:00pm. They arrived at 10:00 and by 10:30 the drain was clean and my 'crises' was solved. The reason I will not hesitate to call Dan in the future for other plumbing problems is because of the honesty and integrity he demonstrated when he put the customer first. He could have easily set up an appointment and done the job but instead decided to let me know about the service I already pay for! Kudos to Dan. The service industry needs more people like him.
  • Phil C
    19th November, 2018
    1st Choice Plumbing and Drain is an excellent company. I own two homes in Berea. Anyone in this city can tell you the negative effects our poor quality water can have on plumbing systems. If you live in this town, a good plumber will be your best friend. Be sure that your plumbing is done correctly and by a qualified plumber. I have had other plumbers do work in my home, but none compare to the quality and service offer by Dan at 1st Choice Plumbing. He's very meticulous about the work he does. Best of all, I didn't have to clean up after 1st Choice when they complete a job. Don't just hire anyone for your plumbing - hire the best - 1st Choice Plumbing and Drain.
    19th March, 2020
    My hat's off to Dan and 1st Choice Plumbing. We had a clogged kitchen drain that Dan was able to fix quickly and efficiently. More importantly to me, was Dan's candor and professionalism. He was always upfront with me about what needed to be done, how he was going to do it and he never said he was going to do something he didn't do or follow through with. That may sound like it's expected, but in today's day and age, it's just something I've come to appreciate. Call me old-fashioned. Anyway, I'd highly recommend Dan and 1st Choice Plumbing without reservation, if you ever need a good and reliable plumber. Thanks Dan!
  • Ray
    29th September, 2019
    Dan took the time to explain how the footer drain system functioned and then did a great job snaking it clear!
  • Tom Halko
    25th April, 2014
    Went for 5 days with a clogged sink drain before I finally called a professional. I'm glad that professional was 1st Choice. I called after 6 pm and he was here within the hour. The sink is now unclogged, everything was cleaned up and the price was right. I should have called earlier instead of trying to fix things myself. I like the idea that 1st Choice is a family owned company that takes pride in their work. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.