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  • Matthew Jakiel
    08th February, 2019
    Rick the owner and operator of this outstanding business is top notch. Extremely efficient and friendly worker. Has been trusted with ADT Code we think of him that highly. He has done a perfect job with the following tasks: cleaning inside and outside of windows, cleaned gutters, trimmed branches over the top of the garage, power washed the patio to make look brand new and has also put up our Christmas lights and takes them back down.
  • Lynn Copple
    20th February, 2019
    Rick has been cleaning our windows inside and out for the past three years. He does a great job! He also put up our Holiday lights each year and does a great job at that as well. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone.
  • Laurie DeRoma
    08th February, 2019
    Rick has cleaned our windows...inside and out...for over 10 years. He is very professional and does an excellent job!
  • Nancy Cobb
    08th February, 2019
    I highly recommend Rolling Thunder. I use his service of gutter cleaning twice a year. I never need to think about calling. I am on a regular schedule. Friendly and professional.
  • marti downs
    15th February, 2019
    Rick did a top-notch job on cleaning my gutters. As I can no longer tackle the thankless job myself, I was looking for someone to hire. Rick was the right choice. Throughout the process Rick was always friendly and professional. The job was completed in no time and there was no mess left behind. Importantly, his pricing was very reasonable. Thank you Rick for your exceptional service. You truly care about the quality of customer service you provide. Highly ruhecommend Rick and his team of professionals.
  • Steve Keckler
    08th October, 2019
    Had a gutter cleaning service scheduled on 10/4/19 and nothing even got done! The back gutters werent touched, and the front gutters and downspouts are still dirty and caked with grime/dirt. Rick said i didnt have to be home, but i kinda wish I was!
  • Mitch Allen
    13th March, 2019
    Rolling Thunder cleaned my windows for the first time today and they look fabulous! The team was fast, efficient and courteous. They cleaned inside and outside (including the screens) then went back through the house and double checked their work. I'll never clean my own windows again! Plus, the window cleaning solution left the house smelling great, which was a pleasant surprise. I'd highly recommend them.
  • Patricia Belcastro
    09th February, 2019
    Professional and efficient window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing. I have used Rolling Thunder for many years. Dependable and responsive for all jobs. It is obvious that Rick cares about delivering quality service for his customers. Highly recommend!
  • Chris Vitale
    18th October, 2019
    I’ve been through 3 or 4 window washers and have both houses done twice each year. Mine and my parents. Everyone was “okay” but they just didn’t look clean. Rolling Thunder just did them and it looks like I have new windows. They use a scrubbing machine, cleaned the screens and were beyond friendly. Efficient too. I highly recommend them!
  • Karen Grunawalt
    08th February, 2019
    Save yourself the time and effort of looking any further and just hire Rolling Thunder. You won’t be sorry. Rick Winrod is very reliable, honest, hard-working and professional.