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  • Tom Newton
    07th May, 2019
    After being a customer for several years, the company was suddenly sold recently and their level of customer service drastically went down. I could give you a laundry list but suffice it to say that the bottom line was they kept increasing the price and not telling me. This while their service was going down. That's why I'm not a customer anymore. When I approached them, they told me that they always inform their customers of a price increase. That didn't happen in my case. In fact, they became so expensive I decided to move on. I'm assuming they had to raise the rates because the new owner wants to make more money even though my initial inquiry when I got my credit card statement was to call only to find out there was a rate increase. They've increased their prices almost 40% since we became customers. Their rate for our home was $185 per cleaning and our next door neighbor who has three kids and a wife only pays $120 a visit for a different company of course. With our home, it's just my wife and myself. This company is a rip off!
  • A. Sanders
    12th January, 2019
    These girls put a smile on our faces every visit! So happy we found you ladies, keep up the great work!
  • Sheila Ingram, MAcc, MBA
    26th February, 2019
    Heavenly Touch Maids is AWESOME! Their staff is friendly, thorough, trust-worthy, and honest. Erin, the office manager, is great to work with and takes so much pride in what she does. This cleaning firm is a breathe of fresh air.
  • Kimberly Kitchen
    10th February, 2018
    Their maids are professional, the communication is stellar and they always do a great job cleaning. Whenever I have had specific areas I want hit, I leave them a note, and they reply with a note and their completed checklist - very easy to work with!
  • Anna Sarantos
    14th October, 2017
    I had a crew clean my apartment in Kent. It was totally worth it! I didn't have to buy any cleaning products or cleaning supplies because they brought their own and in just a few hours and they had the place looking awesome. My landlord was so impressed he gave me back my security deposit right away. I'm moving to Brecksville and will totally be using them there too!
  • Theodore Lucas
    12th January, 2019
    Heavenly maids cleaned my house for the Holidays. I’m a single guy and not much of a house keeper. 2 maids in 2 hours and the house was immaculate! I will definitely use this service again!
  • Kristine Lane
    28th August, 2015
    AMAZING JOB NICE PEOPLE!!! Been with them forever and ALKWAYS will be, if they will keep me!!!! I have M.S. and they take that into consideration-VERY UNDERSTANDING when I get sick and have to last minute cancel! I REALLY BELIEVE THESE GUYS ARE HEAVEN SENT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Debbie and your crew for ALWAYS being there for me!
  • Phyllis Krukow
    22nd March, 2018
  • Daniel Liebman
    02nd April, 2018
    Needed some last minute help cleaning my apartment on the day I was moving out, called and they were able to send 2 girls over within 45 minutes (though im sure that isn’t always possible). Basically the whole place needed swept, vaccuumed, mopped,
  • Michelle Ruggiero
    12th April, 2018
    Very professional! Staff was very friendly and my house looked fantastic!