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  • Anna Sarantos
    14th October, 2017
    I had a crew clean my apartment in Kent. It was totally worth it! I didn't have to buy any cleaning products or cleaning supplies because they brought their own and in just a few hours and they had the place looking awesome. My landlord was so impressed he gave me back my security deposit right away. I'm moving to Brecksville and will totally be using them there too!
  • Tonya Peto
    13th January, 2021
  • Gabetec
    31st May, 2020
  • Mitch Allen
    13th March, 2019
    I called Heavenly Touch on short notice when I learned my in-laws were coming for a visit and my wife and I were too busy to spend a day cleaning. I was shocked and thrilled that they were able to accommodate us. Two of their team members spent three hours cleaning the entire house better and faster than we could have done. They even cleaned our floors on their hands and knees! Affordable, too. Highly recommend!
  • Peter Calabrese
    21st May, 2020
    Katie with Heavenly Touch Maids has been with us for over two years. She has done a wonderful job. Always professional, personable, dependable and responsive to our needs. Great job Katie and Heavenly touch!!! *****
  • Kimberly Kitchen
    10th February, 2018
    Their maids are professional, the communication is stellar and they always do a great job cleaning. Whenever I have had specific areas I want hit, I leave them a note, and they reply with a note and their completed checklist - very easy to work with!
  • Darlene Baranek
    24th May, 2020
  • Wally Gilbert
    12th December, 2020
    Heavenly Touch Maids really saved me in a big pinch. A joy work with and the owner is wonderful. Just a great team all around.
  • joe myers
    11th December, 2020
  • stingingy _
    21st May, 2020