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  • Lynda Mueller
    02nd December, 2019
    Skilled, efficient and dependable! Rare qualities in this business. They care about our property like family!
  • Rick Morrill
    25th November, 2019
    Great price, service and dependable. Thank you????
  • Kameron Meyer
    25th November, 2019
  • Steven Kaiser
    09th March, 2018
    Cedar Lawn Care has been maintaining my lawn for the last couple years, and I couldn't be happier. I only wish I would have switched to them a long time ago. I get notified if they can't come due to rain, I am not forced to accept a long list of things done that I don't want done, and they are genuinely nice guys. I feel safe with them. With my old company I never knew what shady character would be showing up on my property. That's not a comforting feeling. I recommend them in a heartbeat!
  • RJ Davis
    30th November, 2019
  • Harry Brown
    07th December, 2019
    Very dependable and great service.
  • Jerry Mason
    04th December, 2019
    Cedar Lawn Care did a great job for us this summer. I( liked having the lawn mowed and trimmed I also appreciated your fixing my sprinkler heads at the end of the summer as we seem t o have a lot of problems with them.
  • Alan Payne
    08th August, 2014
    Cedar Lawn Care gives quality, professional service at an affordable price. They do a great job in very little time (they drive up and get right to work and get on their way as soon as they're done). They will even go out of their way to help you out. Great service.
  • Cheryl Stewart
    14th November, 2019
    Brent cares deeply about providing quality service and it shows. His attention to detail is amazing. Cedar Lawn Care won't let you down.
  • Joseph Gold
    02nd December, 2019
    Brent and Crew are the BEST! We are no relation and have no relationships with Cedar Lawn Care! It would have cost us 1/3 more and twice the time if we would have done the job ourselves! This would not include the extra cost of renting equipment and a trip to our doctor! They were punctual and very helpful in requesting instructions. In my opinion they worked as a team and quietly to get the job done as soon as possible! Very professional! Brent then followed with a personal visit to make sure we were satisfied with their work! Thankyou Brent and Crew! Joseph and Regina Gold