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  • Lawn Thumb
    10th March, 2018
    Cedar lawn care is ran my Brent who is passionate about providing quality work. I’ve never encountered a man with more drive to succeed. When I get a customer call me in that area we refer them to Cedar Lawn Care.
  • Kyle Stapley
    22nd December, 2016
    Brent with Cedar Lawn Care is fabulous! He does such fantastic work and has the best tools to make any yard look fantastic! I know a thing or two about lawn care equipment, and Cedar Lawn Care only uses top of the line equipment! He uses STIHL string trimmers and edgers, powerful enough to give the cleanest cut the first time, he has STIHL blowers, and STIHL hedgers. And for on the grass cutting equipment he uses eXmark and Walker mowers! Let me tell you, there is nothing else out there that even compares to the quality of the cut on the mowers that Cedar Lawn Care uses. If you are looking for someone to take care of your lawn, look no further! Cedar Lawn Care will exceed your expectations, and will have your yard looking like it could be in the parade of homes! Give Cedar Lawn Care a call today!
  • Heather Allen
    21st March, 2018
    Great company and owners!
  • Brandon Swihart
    10th March, 2018
  • Susan Kumpe
    04th October, 2013
    They have a great service and very dependable. I will be using their services again next year. Thanks for the great work.
  • Brent Banks
    27th September, 2015
    Quality, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly.
  • K Click
    18th April, 2016
    Hi there, I think Cedar Lawn Care does an excellent job and they are very easy to work with. A and would recommend. Thanks
  • Chad Banks
    26th September, 2017
    Quality work and dependable. Definitely worth the price!
  • cloud white
    12th February, 2014
    Brent has gone out of his way to listen to my concerns and provide a high quality of service for me. He shows up on time and has kept my lawn looking good. They send me a bill each month unlike my previous provider who insisted I left a check hidden for them each week. I don't have to bug him and he shows up as expected. Thank you for your great service!
  • Jerri Banks
    12th January, 2014
    I have been very impressed with how Cedar Lawn Care is run in a very professional manner. They are prompt and thorough, and can be depended upon to do the promised job at the promised time and in the promised way.