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  • Joey & Rachel Dec
    06th August, 2020
    I’d been struggling with this irrigation system since I moved in to this house and finally I’d had enough when the backyard sprinklers just stopped worked for no logical reason. Jeff came out and quickly assessed the illogical mess that was my valves, pipes, and stations. I honestly have no idea why it was installed the way it was. Station two shared a valve that watered half the front yard and the entire back yard. There was a valve between the main valve and the backyard sprinklers that was unmarked and next to impossible to find without digging up the entire yard and landscaping. I’d always hated how that valve/station was split to begin with so I asked if we could separate the backyard off onto it’s own valve and station and Jeff made it happen while also bypassing wherever the mystery valve was hiding so it would no longer be a problem. He also replaced all of my old valves with a modular system that allows easier valve replacement and the option to add more valves/stations in the future. The parts of the landscaping that did have to be moved aside and dug up for the new parts were carefully worked with and put back so it looks the same as before even with the additions. Before finishing the job he also replaced a sprinkler head that was damaged and calibrated all of the sprinkler heads for optimal coverage. We are very pleased with the work done and would recommend Cedar Lawn Care to our friends and neighbors having yard and sprinkler issues.
  • cloud white
    12th February, 2014
    Brent has gone out of his way to listen to my concerns and provide a high quality of service for me. He shows up on time and has kept my lawn looking good. They send me a bill each month unlike my previous provider who insisted I left a check hidden for them each week. I don't have to bug him and he shows up as expected. Thank you for your great service!
  • K Click
    18th April, 2016
    Hi there, I think Cedar Lawn Care does an excellent job and they are very easy to work with. A+ and would recommend. Thanks
  • Al Damavandi
    16th December, 2019
    Brent has been maintaining the lawn of my house for the last five tears. He has always been super honest, very dependable and has always given me a fair price on anything I have asked him to help me with. He has also provided me with some nice recommendations to enhance the quality and appearance of my lawn. If you are looking for dependable lawn care, Cedar Lawn Care is a smart choice.
  • Chad Banks
    26th September, 2017
    Quality work and dependable. Definitely worth the price!
  • Dave Larsen
    27th November, 2019
    Brent and his crews are very professional in the work they do. They get right to work seeing to details and responding to any questions or requests that come along. I look forward to having them continue with their great service next season!
  • Cody Vance
    15th December, 2019
  • Karina Reyes
    25th November, 2019
    They did an amazing job on my lawn!
  • Brent Banks
    27th September, 2015
    Quality, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly.
  • Bridgette Flint
    03rd December, 2019